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Highly Efficient Provable AssemblyScript Library
We built zkAssemblyScript, a highly efficient provable AssemblyScript library, because:
  • CLE is AssemblyScript-based program.
  • CLE development requires many Ethereum-related data structures and special operations.
  • The environment of zkWASM is quite special compared with that of general WASM.
  • The performance of proof generation of CLEs in zkWASM can be optimized with the standardized library.
In zkAssemblyScript, we have optimized many common data structures (Bytes, BigInt) at the instruction set level to ensure that:
  • WASM binary is provable in zkWASM
  • Proof generation performance is excellent
  • Size of the generated WASM binary is manageable
Developers can also use other AssemblyScript libraries or AssemblyScript native functionality, but there may be issues such as:
  • The Graph's graph-ts will not run directly outside of the node's environment.
  • Native AssemblyScript Math-related functions are not friendly to zkWASM.