Enable IMO with Onchain AI Model and Revenue Sharing Token

IMO requires two core components:

  • Onchain AI Model with Verifiability

  • Revenue Sharing of Onchain Usage

a) Onchain AI Model

IMO need a way to run AI models fully on chain and verifiably.

We invented opML and opp/ai, the only two solutions to make any AI model onchain.

Currently, opML is at the core of OAO (Onchain AI Oracle), which is essential to bring AI models to IMO.

b) Revenue Sharing

Holders of IMO tokens will receive the benefits of revenue streams including but not limited to:

  • Revenue of model usage (Model Ownership, ERC-7641 Intrinsic RevShare Token): Each use of the AI model onchain will incur a fee, which will be distributed to IMO tokens.

  • Revenue of AI-generated content (Inference Asset, eg. ERC-7007 Zero-Knowledge AI-Generated Content Token): Each use of the AI model generates a specific output and result (e.g. Stable Diffusion for an image NFT and Sora for a video NFT), which may carry a royalty fee and a mint fee that can be distributed to IMO tokens.

We standardized ERC-7641 Intrinsic RevShare Token to achieve revenue sharing of IMO model token.

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