Retrieve Historical AI Inference

If you want to retrieve your historical AI inference (eg. AIGC image), you can find them on blockchain explorer:

  1. Find your transaction for sending AI request, and enter the "Logs" tab. Example tx:

  2. Access your requestId in "Logs" tab Example's case: "1928".

  3. In OAO's smart contract, look for the Invoke Callback transaction with the same requestId. Normally, this transaction will be around the same time as the one in step 1. To filter transactions by date, click "Advanced Filter" and then the button near "Age".

  4. Find the transaction for AI inference result, and enter the "Logs" tab. Example tx:

  5. Access output data. Example's case: "QmecBGR7dD7pRtY48FEKoeLVsmBTLwvdicWRkX9xz2NVvC" which is the IPFS hash that can be accessed with IPFS gateway)

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