Initial Model Offering

In this age of AI, ORA is introducing a new mechanism, IMO (Initial Model Offering).

TL;DR: IMO tokenizes AI model onchain.

  • For AI models, IMO enables sustainable funding for open-source AI models.

  • For ecosystems, IMO helps align values and incentives for distribution and ongoing contribution.

  • For token holders, IMO lets anyone capture the value of AI models onchain, from sources including onchain revenue and inference assets (eg. ERC-7007).

Many open-sourced AI models face the challenge in monetizing their contributions, leading to a lack of motivation for contributors and organizations alike. As a result, the AI industry is currently led by closed-source, for-profit companies. The winning formula for open-source AI models is the need to gather more funding and build in public.

With IMO, we can win the fight for open-source AI. IMO can enable the sustainability of the open-source AI model’s ecosystem by fostering long-term benefits and encouraging engagement and funding to the open-source AI community. The win is when we have better open-source models than proprietary models.

IMO tokenizes the ownership of open-source AI models, sharing its profit to the token holders.

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