Permissionless Technology for AI x Crypto

IMO, introduced by ORA, is permissionless, so anyone and any community can carry out an IMO for their AI model.

IMO tokenizes specific AI models, which gives:

  • The community the ability to efficiently fundraise for open-source.

  • Contributors incentives to continue improving a globally accessible model.

  • Token holders revenue opportunities from the use of the model onchain.

IMO is steering us to a future where AI is sustainable, diverse and open for all.

AI x Crypto Pyramid

Based on the framework of IMO, the ecosystem is evolving towards a more structured and layered approach in AI x Crypto advancement.

The foundation begins with IMO (Initial Model Offering), focusing on the tokenization of foundation models and decentralized networks.

Moving up, the IAO (Initial Agent Offering) introduces fine-tuned models tailored for specific tasks, enhancing the adaptability and precision of AI agents.

At the apex, Inference Assets represent the assets of verifiable decentralized inference, ensuring that the AI DApps operate with integrity and transparency.

Inference Assets

Inference Assets are tokenized representations (usually compatible with ERC-7007: Verifiable AI-Generated Content Token) of AI inference results. For instance, an NFT featuring AI-generated image from onchain Stable Diffusion model is considered an inference asset.

These assets, derived from onchain AI, offer additional revenue streams for onchain AI through mechanisms such as royalty fees associated with these inference asset NFTs.

For more information, check out ERC-7007: Verifiable AI-Generated Content Token.

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