User Guide

Usage Guide for Anyone to Use Onchain AI Directly as User

As a user, to interact with AI Oracle, you can:

  • Use AI.ORA.IO frontend.

  • Interact with Prompt contract directly on Etherscan

1. Use ORA's Frontend Interface

We built an interface for users to interact with Onchain AI Oracle directly.

  1. Go to AI.ORA.IO

  2. Enter your prompt

  3. Send transaction

  4. See AI inference result

Check out the video tutorial if you have any question.

2. Interact on Etherscan

Here's the guide to use AI Oracle by interacting with Prompt contract using Etherscan:

  1. In Prompt contract's Read Contract section, call estimateFee with specified modelId.

  1. In Prompt contract's Write Contract section, call calculateAIResult with fee (converted from wei to ether), prompt, and modelId.

  1. In AIOracle contract, watch for new transaction that fulfills the request you sent.

  1. In Prompt contract's Read Contract section, call getAIResult with previous modelId and prompt to see the AI inference result.

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