How ORA Works

ORA provides developers with an easy way to build end-to-end trustless and decentralized applications, with:

  • AI Oracle (OAO - Onchain AI Oracle)

ORA is a decentralized protocol and network:

  • Used by Developers: Developers can utilize ORA OAO to supercharge their smart contracts with AI.

  • Operated by AI Oracle Nodes: Node operators can run AI Oracle nodes to execute and secure computations with verifiable proofs.

Benefits for Developers

  • All-in-one infrastructure with AI capability and automation

  • Higher performance and shorter finality

  • Run arbitrary program and any large ML model

Advantages of ORA Oracle Network

  • Unstoppable autonomous protocol and network

  • Optimal cryptography-native decentralization

  • Verifiable, decentralized, and secure network

  • Safeguarding the security of the base layer

  • Efficient allocation of computing power

  • 1-of-N trust model

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