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Bring Your Own Data Source

Add new data source (other than onchain event or storage) to CLE with Data Source Plugin

Data Source Plugin

Data Source Plugin is a generalized plugin interface designed for CLE infrastructure development. DSP is designed for adding new data source support.
DSP is designed mainly for facilitating the CLE core development (eg. by HO Team), rather than the application development of CLE (CLE Dev Users).

Add new data source with DSP

If you only need to add new data as a (one time use only) data source, then you can actually add the specific data directly to mapping.ts.
If you want to add a new data source to CLE, you need to implement the DSP interface and provide implementation.

a) Interface of DSP

DSP is dependent in CLE lifecycle of executing, proving, onchain verifying.
  • cle-api: the entrance of all DSP, dsphub records all the available DSPs.
  • cle-lib: the provable wasm part, defines how to read data and calls the dsp-specific handle function in the proving stage.
  • Factory Contract: the verifier part, defines how to verify a DSP-specific CLE trigger tx onchain.

b) Develop a DSP

Follow the interface section to implement every components, or re-use other dsp’s code.
  • API:
    • defines execParams / proveParams
    • implement a customized DataPrep
    • implement a child DSP class that extends DSP class
    • register this DSP class by dspHub.setDSP in src/dsp/hub
  • Lib:
    • add a new dir, name should be fit wih the dsp Hub Key
    • implement and export asmain_lib zkmain_lib registerHandle in index.ts
    • export other types that might be used in CLE mappings
  • Contract:
    • deploy a DSP Verifier contract, set the address to the CLE Factory