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ZK Indexing (WIP)

Trustless Indexing, Querying, and Accessing of Blockchain Data
Accessing most onchain data directly can be a challenge for developers. One potential solution is for developers to run their own indexer to organize the data into a more easily searchable format. However, this can be a difficult and time-consuming process as it involves rebuilding the entire blockchain state and indexing events from smart contracts. This is where indexing protocols like The Graph come in handy.
As mentioned in a blog post about Helios, blockchains are used for their trustlessness, allowing self-sovereign access to wealth and data. Ethereum has delivered on this promise, but there are concessions for convenience, such as centralized RPC servers like Alchemy. These providers run high-performance nodes on cloud servers so users can easily access chain data, but users must trust them and can't verify the correctness of their queries.
Having a centralized RPC, or a universal indexing and querying protocol is not enough. It is also important to ensure that the indexed data is accurate and reliable since incorrect data can be even more problematic than not having an indexer at all. In other words, it is crucial to guarantee the computational integrity and security of the indexing process.
ZK Indexing is a unique indexing infrastructure that excels in both accuracy and security using zero knowledge proofs. ZK Indexing is a typical output ZK Oracle Meta App, with the data flowing from onchain (original blockchain data) to off-chain (CLE indexed data).
ZK Indexing is ORA's trustless indexing protocol based on zero knowledge proofs. ZK Indexing's indexing and querying schema are fully customizable with CLEs. Developers can build any end-to-end decentralized application with ZK Indexing.