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CLE: Computational Entity
CLE, or computational entity, is the customizable and programmable software defined by developers and the underlying oracle network running those software. ORA CLE makes Oracle complete.
Currently, there are two types of CLE:
  • CLE of AI Oracle: The AI/ML models integrated in OAO. Currently, CLE of AI Oracle includes Stable Diffusion and LlaMA2-7B, with distributed nodes of AI Oracle network.
  • CLE of ZK Oracle: The zk-powered programs (previously zkGraph) powered by ZK Oracle nodes. Currently, CLE of ZK Oracle is fully decentralized and permissionless, so that anyone can build one. Now we have 40+ open source CLEs of ZK Oracle, with distributed nodes of ZK Oracle network.
Both types of CLE have various use cases:
  • CLE of AI Oracle: AIGC NFT with ERC-7007, zkKYC using facial recognition based on ML, onchain AI games (e.g. Dungeon and Dragons), prediction market with ML, content authenticity (deepfake verifier), compliant programmable privacy, prompt marketplace, reputation/credit scoring...
  • CLE of ZK Oracle: zk rollup, zk automation-based applications, zk historical data, zk bridge, zk coprocessor, zkML applications...